Terms and conditions

For your information:
CANCELLATION POLICY: We do not have a cancellation policy. See article 6.

By paying both cash and electronic, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions and acknowledge to have taken note of them.

In case of a breakdown the customer is responsible for the repair of the bicycle. The customer pays for the repair himself. We reimburse nothing.
For us, no responsibility. In case of renting a bike for several days, the customer can take out an insurance with Fiets Ned or your own travel insurance.

Definition of terms.

In these conditions the following definitions apply:

Bicycle: the bicycle or other item that is (also) the subject of the rental agreement.
Hirer: the natural or legal person who as hirer concludes the rental agreement.
Landlord: Rent a Bike Haarlem who as a landlord makes the rental agreement;
Consumer: the tenant who is a natural person and has not entered into the rental agreement in the exercise of profession or business.
Damage of the lessor:

The property damage suffered by the lessor as a result of:

damage (including a condition of the bicycle or parts thereof that do not fit the pattern of normal wear and tear) or loss
of the bicycle or its accessories (including the key) or parts thereof. This damage includes the cost of replacing
(parts of) the bicycle and loss of rental income.
damage inflicted with or by the bicycle on persons or property, for which the lessor or the liability insurer of the bicycle is liable to third parties.
the bicycle’s liability insurer is liable to third parties.
Driver: the actual driver of the bicycle.

In writing: In writing or electronically.

Damage, loss and theft: The renter is liable for damage to or loss of the bicycle(s) or parts thereof, as well as bicycle keys and chain/locks, at amounts determined by the rental company according to normal standards, unless they are mentioned in the rental contract under the current value. The bicycle(s) is (are) not insured against liability or damage to the case, nor against theft.

Costs during rental period: All charges and taxes relating to the bicycle(s) shall be borne by the Hirer. The Hirer shall also bear all costs related to the use of the bicycle, such as storage, maintenance and repairs. Premature return of the bicycle(s) shall cause the termination of the rental agreement without entitlement to a reduction of the rental sum indicated in the contract or to an increase due to extension. This also applies in the event of illness, etc.

Article 1: Applicability.

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements for the rental and hiring of bicycles, including any accessories, concluded between the lessor and the hirer.

Article 2: The offer.

1. The Lessor shall issue a quotation/offer in writing or verbally at the discretion of the Hirer.

2. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the rental period, the rental sum and the possible additional cost elements.

3. The offer shall state the telephone number on which the company can be reached.

4. The offer states the method of payment.

5. If reasonably possible, the offer will be accompanied by a copy of these General Terms and Conditions.
If this is not possible, the General Terms and Conditions shall be handed over upon conclusion of the agreement.

Article 3: The agreement

1. The agreement is concluded by accepting the offer.
2. The rental agreement is entered into for the period and at the rate stipulated on the rental agreement
or otherwise agreed. The rental agreement shall also specify the time of commencement and termination of the rental period.

Article 4: The price and price changes.

1. The rental sum and any additional cost elements shall be agreed in advance as shall any authority for interim price changes.
The lessor shall ensure that the rental sum is properly stated on the hire agreement.
2. If a price change occurs within three months of the conclusion of the agreement, it will not affect the agreed price.
3. The second paragraph shall not apply to price changes arising from the law, such as those relating to VAT.

Article 5: The rental period and the exceeding of the rental period

1. The Hirer is obliged to return the bicycle to the company and address stated in the rental agreement or to the address further agreed, at the latest on the day and at the time the rental period ends. The Lessor shall be obliged to accept the bicycle during opening hours.
2. The bicycle may only be returned outside opening hours and/or made available at a different location with the permission of the lessor.
3. Agreements on returning the bicycle early within the agreed rental period are non-binding. No refunds will be made.
4. If the bicycle is not returned in the agreed manner at the end of a rental period that may have been extended, the Lessor shall be entitled to take back the bicycle immediately.
take back the bicycle immediately. The obligations of the Hirer ensuing from this agreement shall remain in force until the moment that the bicycle is once again in the possession of the Lessor.
5. If the Hirer has not returned the bicycle on time, the Lessor shall be entitled to charge the Hirer 20% daily rental fee for each hour by which the rental period is exceeded. After an overrun of 5 hours, the Hirer may be charged up to 11/2 times the daily rental price per day, without prejudice to the Hirer’s obligation to compensate the Lessor for any damage suffered or to be suffered by the Hirer. If it is in fact permanently impossible to return the bicycle, no increased rental price will be charged. The increased rental price shall not apply if the Hirer can demonstrate that the exceeding of the rental period is the result of force majeure.

Article 6: Cancellation

Once your reservation has been confirmed by us and paid for by you, it is guaranteed and irrevocable. After that, no refund of the rental amount can be made. We do not have a refund policy. You have lost the full rent. Not even when sick. For the rental period, the cancellation costs are 100% of the rent. The interim return of the bicycle(s) terminates the rental agreement without the right to a reduction of the rental amount stated in the contract or the increased rent due to an extension. What we do offer is shifting the rental date. This is possible for a payment of €7.50 administration costs.

Article 7: Payment

1. Only for rental agreements of which the rental period commences within three months, advance payment of up to 50% of the rental price may be required. A deposit may be required at the start of the rental period.
2. The deposit will be returned, taking into account any outstanding costs, as soon as the bicycle has been returned, unless the Lessor has caused damage. In the event of damage by the rental company, the deposit will be returned to the extent that it exceeds the amount for which the renter is liable. This return will take place as soon as it is clear that there is such an excess. If there is only damage to the bicycle, the deposit shall be returned within 2 months; if there is (also) damage to third parties, it shall be returned within 6 months.
3. In case the damage of the Lessor has been caused by third parties and the Lessor has recovered the damage in full from these third parties, the deposit will be returned within 14 days after the damage has been recovered. The lessor will make every effort to recover damages caused by third parties as soon as possible. The landlord will keep the tenant informed of developments. Tenant remains at all times responsible.
4. Unless otherwise agreed. payment of the rent should be made immediately before the rental period. Payment of other amounts must be made within ten days of receipt of the relevant invoice.
5. In the case of reservations, the rental amount must be in the landlord’s account at least two days in advance. The consumer must pay the amount owed before the payment date has expired. If he fails to do so, the proprietor sends a free payment reminder after the date has passed and gives the consumer the opportunity to pay the outstanding amount within fourteen days of receiving this payment reminder. If after the expiry of the payment reminder still has not paid. Is the entrepreneur entitled to charge interest from the time of default. This interest is equal to the statutory interest. Judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred by one party to enforce payment of a debt can be charged to the other party. The amount of these costs IS subject to (legal) limits. These may be deviated from in favor of the consumer.

Article 8: Tenant’s Obligations.

1. Without prejudice to the following, the Hirer shall treat the bicycle with the care expected of a good hirer and ensure that the bicycle is used in accordance with its intended purpose.
2. The renter must be able to prove their identity with a valid ID card or passport. You must leave this behind as a deposit or pay a deposit of 150 Euros per bicycle and a copy of your valid ID. For E-bikes, it is mandatory to leave a valid ID card and a deposit of 150 Euros per bike.
3. The renter is obliged to return the bicycle to the rental company in its original condition. Amongst other things, this means that the Hirer is obliged to undo any changes and additions made to the bicycle by or on behalf of him, and to do so in such a way that he can return the bicycle to the Lessor in its original state. The Lessee cannot claim any compensation for this. The Lessor shall first inspect the bicycle before proceeding to return personal data.
4. The lessee is obliged to carefully secure the load of the bicycle.
5. Only persons designated as drivers in the rental agreement may ride the bicycle. The renter is not allowed to make the bicycle available to a person who is not listed as a driver in the rental agreement. The Hirer shall take great care to ensure that none of the persons designated as drivers in the rental agreement drive the bicycle if they are unauthorised to do so or are clearly mentally or physically unfit.
6. The renter is not allowed to rent out the bicycle.
7. The Hirer is not allowed to take the bicycle outside the borders of the Netherlands, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Lessor.
8. In the event of damage or defects to the bicycle that are known or visible to the Hirer, the Hirer shall not be allowed to use the bicycle if this could cause the damage or defects to worsen or if this could reduce road safety.
9. The Hirer is obliged to impose the obligations and prohibitions of this article on the driver, passengers and other users of the bicycle and to ensure compliance with them.
10. Among other things, the Hirer shall handle the keys to the bicycle with care.
11. The Hirer declares that it has received the hired bicycle in good condition.
12. In case of unforeseen problems/malfunctions ALWAYS contact the rental company first. The Lessor is not liable for costs and/or repairs incurred by the Hirer.

Article 9: Instructions for the hirer

1. The Hirer is obliged to return the bicycle clean. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, cleaning costs may be charged, with a minimum of € 10.
2. In the event of any defects, damage to or with the bicycle or loss of the bicycle known or observable to the Hirer, the Hirer is obliged to report this as soon as possible.
3. follow the instructions of the Lessor
provide the Lessor or his/her insurer with all information and documents relating to the event, whether requested or not.
4. not to leave the bicycle behind without having adequately protected it against the risk of damage or loss
5. to provide the Lessor and persons appointed by the Lessor with all requested assistance in obtaining compensation from third parties or in defending against claims from third parties.
6. In the event of accidents, damage or loss the Hirer shall also be obliged
7. In case of theft, the renter is liable for the new value of the bicycle, not including the loss of rent. In case of theft, the renter must always report the theft to the police. A proof of the report must be submitted to the landlord. We would like to receive both keys back from you. If not, we are forced to report the theft to the police.
8. to submit a fully completed and signed damage report form to the lessor as soon as possible
9. to refrain from acknowledging guilt in any form
10. In case of theft you have to pay us the bike value immediately. For normal and 3 and 7 Gear Bikes and Tandems: from 495 euro- 795 euro. For E bike, mountain bike and cargo bike: 1500 euro. Urban Arrow cargo bike: 4000 euro.
11. Dogs may not be transported in the Urban Arrow.
12. It is not allowed to transport or carry heavy materials with the Urban Arrow.
13. The lessee is obliged to impose the obligations and prohibitions stipulated in this article on the driver and other users of the bike and to ensure that they are observed.
14. The lessee shall inform the lessor as soon as possible about
15. The occurrence of an event causing damage to, with or by the bicycle, or which could reasonably be expected to do so; breakdown of the bicycle
16. loss of control of the bicycle, its parts and accessories, or any other loss of control
17. seizure of the bicycle; and any other circumstances the rental company should reasonably be informed of
18. If the Lessor is required to provide information to the authorities regarding the identity of the person who rode or used the bicycle at any time, the Lessee shall answer questions asked by the Lessor in this regard as soon as possible.

Article 10: Landlord’s obligations

1. The Lessor shall deliver the bicycle with the legal and agreed terms and accessories clean, well maintained and, insofar as the Lessor is aware or should be aware, in a technically sound condition.
2. The lessor shall, together with the lessee, draw up a report prior to the rental period, in which any damage to the bicycle is indicated.
3. The lessor shall hand over the required documents to the lessee prior to the rental period.
4. The Lessor shall inspect the bicycle for any damage immediately upon its return by the Lessee. This applies both to returning the bicycle to the rental company and to returning it to a different location.
5. You must collect the bicycles before 11:00 AM. If this time is not convenient, please inform the rental company at all times.
The time in the reservation system will then be adjusted for you.
6. If paying by invoice: The invoice must be paid at least two days in advance. There is no refund of the rental amount. Not even in case of illness.

Article 11: Liability of the hirer for damages

1. The Hirer shall be liable for each case of damage caused by the Landlord.
2. If, however, the damage arose as a result of acts or omissions contrary to Article 8, the Hirer shall be fully liable for any damage caused by the Landlord, unless he proves that these acts or omissions are not attributable to him or that full compensation would be unacceptable according to the standards of reasonableness and fairness.
3. If the bicycle is returned outside the Lessor’s opening hours with the permission of the Lessor and/or is made available for collection by the Lessor at a further agreed location other than the business premises of the Lessor, the Hirer shall, in accordance with the first or second above, remain liable for any damage incurred by the Lessor up to the time the Lessor actually inspects the bicycle, or has it inspected. The Lessor shall inspect the bicycle at the first opportunity in the situations referred to herein and shall immediately inform the Lessee if any damage is found.
4. In the event of damage to the bicycle abroad, the costs of repatriating the bicycle shall be borne by the renter, unless the second paragraph of this article applies.
5. The Hirer is liable for the acts and omissions of the driver and other users of the bicycle, even if these were done with the consent of the Hirer.

Article 12: Defects of the bicycles liability of the lessor

1. In the event of damage to the Hirer caused by a defect in the bicycle, the Hirer is liable for compensation for this damage, except insofar as the injured party can claim compensation under insurance or otherwise.
2. The rental agency shall be obliged to repair defects at the request of the hirer, unless this is impossible or requires expenditure that cannot reasonably be demanded of the rental agency in the given circumstances. This obligation shall not apply if the Tenant is liable to the Landlord for the cause of the defect and/or for the consequences of the defect.
3. The Hirer shall therefore be liable for damage to the hired bicycle and shall reimburse both the repair costs and the necessary replacement of the damaged parts. This includes fixing or replacing flat tires. Even if the repair has been carried out by other bicycle repair shops, it will be at your own expense.

Article 13: Dissolution of the rental

1. The Lessor shall be entitled to terminate the rental agreement without notice of default or judicial intervention and to regain possession of the bicycle without prejudice to his right to compensation for costs, damage and interest if

the lessee fails to meet one or more of his obligations in time or in full during the rental period, unless the failure does not justify dissolution
The tenant dies.
The Hirer shall cooperate with the Lessor in every way to regain possession of the bicycle.
If the lessee dies before the start of the rental period, the rental agreement will be dissolved without notice of default or judicial intervention.
The Lessor shall not be liable for any damage resulting from dissolution of the rental agreement.
Article 14: Complaints and Mediation Scheme

Complaints about the performance of the contract must be submitted, fully and clearly described, to the Landlord in good time after the Tenant has discovered the alleged shortcomings. Failure to submit the complaint in time may result in the Tenant losing his rights in the matter.

Article 15: Processing of personal data of the Hirer and of the driver

The personal data listed on the contract shall be processed by the lessor as the responsible party within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act in a register of personal data. On the basis of this processing, the lessor can execute the agreement, give the tenant or driver optimal service and current product information and make personalized offers to the tenant or driver.

Article16: Applicable law

The rental agreement is governed by Dutch law unless the law of another country applies on the grounds of mandatory law.

Article 17: Insurance

The insurance terms and conditions of Allianz shall apply. The excess is not redeemable, The conditions can be read here.


CAUTION: strictly forbidden to transport dogs in it. Strictly prohibited to do removals with it. Not suitable for adults to sit in.