Terms and conditions

For information:

If you are larger than 1 meter 80, it is advisable to rent an 8-speed bicycle. You cycle more comfortably, including with your back.The 8 speed bike is available in sizes up to 65 cm. Of course it is up to you which bike you want to rent.

In case of payment both cash and electronic you automatically agree with our conditions and acknowledge that you have taken note of this.

Business hours
Rent a Bike Haarlem is daily open from 9:00 – 18.00 hour.
(In wintertime on Sundays 1 november-21 March we are closed)


You are at all times responsible for the bike: for all the damage

In the event of a breakdown, the customer is responsible for any repair of the bicycle.
The customer pays for the repair himself. We do not reimburse anything.
No responsibility for us.
With multiple days of rental bicycle, the customer can take out insurance with by your own travel insurance.

As deposit you are required to leave either one passport (per five bikes)or one ID card.
For E bikes we also ask a 150 euro deposit ((cash, bank or credit card autorisation)), for 1 bike.
We do not accept VISA Electron, debit cards, and foreign drivers license as deposit.

Damage, loss and theft 
The tenant is liable for damages to or loss of the bike (s) or parts thereof, as well of bicycle keys and chain (s) / locks, against amounts which by the landlord to normal standards unless they are mentioned in the rental contract the daily value. The bike (s) is (are) not insured against liability or accidental damage.

Costs during rental period
All charges and taxes in respect of the bicycle (s) is (are) on behalf of the tenant. Similarly are for his account all costs associated with their use, such as storage, maintenance and repairs. Interim delivery of the bicycle (s) does the lease terminate without being entitled to it reduction of the contract mentioned in the contract or the additional rent due to renewal exists.

By theft you have to pay for the bike.:
you will be charged from 795 euro for replacing the bicycle in the event of severe damage.
E bike and the carrier cycle: 1500 euro, Urban Arrow: 4000 euro.

You must give us always also two bike keys a bike.
In the unfortunate event of a stolen bicycle, it is your responsibility to report this to the police.
Rent a Bike Haarlem want to receive a copy of the declaration given at the police station.
You are at all times responsible for the bike.

Locking the Bike
Each bicycle is equipped with two locks. Never leave the bicycle unattended, unless properly locked. Rent a BIke Haarlem staff will demonstrate proper use of the locks.
If you break the lock or keys you have to pay for the damage or the lock. You are at all times responsible for the bike and locks.

Please remember to bring a copy of the contract (yellow paper) with you upon returning the bicycle

You may not bike on the beach
You may not bike on the sidewalks etc etc
Rent a Bike Haarlem takes no responsibility for damage, traffic fines etc.
You remain responsible at all times for the bicycle

Urban arrow:

ATTENTION: strictly forbidden to transport dogs. You can rent the special dog cart for this.

Strictly forbidden to participate in removals.

Strictly forbidden for adult persons.

Rent a Bike Haarlem does not reimburse any repairs preformed by other companies.


Unfortunately we do not have a cancellation policy.

Reservations and Tickets are therefore non-refundable.