Park and Bike Package


Online reservation of a parking space and bicycle with Park & Bike in Haarlem.

Rent a Bike Haarlem and Interparking work together. When you reserve your parking space online, you benefit from an exclusive benefit on our bicycle rental. Book your parking space directly here.

Choose from the following online booking products:

Day Trip Parking (1 day, between 00 :00 en 11:59 PM)
Flex Parking (per 24 hours, several days possible)
Evening Parking (parking between 6:00 PM and 1:00 AM)
Limited number of available places per day.

< strong>Bicycle rental via Rent a Bike Haarlem:

10% discount on the rental price (only upon presentation of an online (reservation number that starts with SHW at Interparking) only valid for 3 and 8 gear bicycles. The discount will be refund on your bankaccount.

(Not valid during the Formula 1 weekend).</ div>

Including map Haarlem/Zandvoort
Payment is made in advance.
Rent a Bike Haarlem is open until 6 p.m. After 6:00 PM the customer must follow the instructions of Rent a Bike Haarlem.
Based on availability.