Country Estates and Estates in Pictures Package

Cottages AND ESTATES Arrangement.

Discover the most beautiful country estates around Haarlem.

Price: €17.50 p. p

This includes:

  • 7-speed bicycle,
  • route map
  • bottle of water

You can choose a route or country estate via www

Information about the country estates and estates in and around Kennemerland.

The life of wealthy townspeople from 1600 to 1900 was intriguing. In that period they liked to retreat to lavish summer residences. What was hiding behind these walls of wealth? Did they enjoy art, music and nature?
Or did the ‘decent’ people not live as decently as you might think?

Stories of country estates and estates.

Stories about North Holland country estates can be read on the website of Oneindig North Holland. See for all stories.

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