In the event of a breakdown, the customer himself is responsible for repairing the bicycle (or having it repaired). The customer pays for the repair himself.

We do not reimburse anything. No responsibility for us in this.

With a multi-day rental bicycle, customers can take out insurance with Fiets Ned ( or their own travel insurance.

Here too no responsibility for the Rent a Bike Haarlem.

General conditions fietsNED / Pechpas

1. The FietsNED-Pechpas entitles the Holder to breakdown assistance. Breakdown assistance is understood to mean free repair of the means of transport with which the breakdown pass holder is on its way.
2.If repairs are not possible on the road or, in the judgment of the mechanic, takes longer than 45 minutes, the Holder of
3.the FietsNED-bad luck is entitled to repatriation of himself and a maximum of one fellow traveler. In that case, the right to repair free of charge lapses.
The FietsNED-Pechpas is only entitled