You can optionally take out bicycle insurance when reserving a bicycle. Be careful not to forget this. If you do not take out insurance, you are responsible for any damage caused by you.


Bicycle insurance Rent a Bike Haarlem.

The Insurance Conditions bicycle rental:

  1. Insurance
    • The price of the insurance is per day and differs per type of bicycle
    • Insurance is not required
    • The insurance is placed with Allianz Nederland
    • You pay the insurance premium in advance
    • You cannot insure the bicycle(s) afterwards
    • You pay the premium for the number of days that you rent the bicycle(s)
  2. Deductible
  • With the insurance you keep the deductible
  • The deductible is not surrenderable
  • The costs of the deductible are:
  • 100,- for a coaster brake bicycle/children’s bicycle/step
  • 150,- for a 3-speed bicycle
  • 200,- voor een 8 versnellingsfiets
  • 300, -for a tandem/2 wheel cargo bike/mountain bike
  • 450,- for a 3 wheel cargo bike
  • 400,- for an E-bike
  • 750,- for an Urban Arrow electric cargo bike
  • 200,- for a battery (if only the battery is stolen)
  • 50,- for accessories (chargers/child seats/Maxi-Cosi adapters/bicycle bags)
  • 100,- for a bicycle trailer/trailer

The deductible in the event of theft only applies if you return both keys of the bicycle to Rent a bike Haarlem. Without both keys you still pay the new value of the bicycle.


  • If you return the bicycle within the agreed rental period, you are not entitled to a refund of the premium
  • In the event of theft of the rented bicycle or e-bike, no refund will be made for unused rental days

What is insured:

  • Theft of the entire bicycle including the insured accessories.

When am I  not insured:

  • Theft of parts (such as handlebars, saddle, display, etc.) and/or accessories of the bicycle.
  • Damage to the bicycle due to an attempted theft.
  • Damage to the bicycle due to vandalism.
  • If the bicycle was not locked or the keys cannot be presented.
  • If the bicycle was not locked by means of the locks registered with us.
  • If the security requirements of Allianz Nederland are not met.
  • Eclipse

What do we expect from you?

As with any insurance, there are rules. You need to stick to it. We expect you to:

  • Give us the correct and necessary information and you inform yourself of all relevant important information;
  • Follow the instructions of Rent a Bike Haarlem;
  • Report the theft to the police the same day;
  • Take good care of our things;
  • Do everything possible to limit the damage;

Security Requirements:

  • The bicycle(s) must always be locked with 2 ART** approved locks, even if the bicycle(s) are stored indoors.
  • You should keep the keys with care.

This also includes not leaving keys behind in, for example, clothes, bags, etc. and in other easily accessible areas such as cloakrooms or changing rooms