Bike Rental Formula 1 Zandvoort 2023

How are you going to the Zandvoort Formula 1 race?

If you are smart you can rent a bike at Rent a Bike Haarlem.

Because all access roads to Zandvoort will be closed to cars. Save yourself the trouble and rent a bike at Rent a Bike Haarlem. You park your car in the parking garage opposite our shop and rent a bicycle from us. From our shop you can cycle to the Zandvoort circuit in about half an hour. And parking your car with us is no problem at all. At Interparking you can use Grand Prix Parking. 24 hours parking in the parking garage for only €50,-

For information:

Get 2 IDs!

Enter 1 ID for the Formula 1 circuit. 1 ID for renting the bike. This remains with us as a deposit, in a closed envelope in the safe. Without this renting is no longer possible. See also our conditions. Have your reservation number and ID to hand. This is faster for the throughput. Thank you.

We wish you a lot of fun at the races!

Team Rent a Bike Haarlem

Which bikes do we rent out for the Formula 1 package:

    • Batavus bicycle back pedal: €15 per day (9am-8pm) Book now
    • Batavus, 3-speed bicycle: €20 per day (9am-8pm) Book now
    • Batavus, 8-speed bicycle: €25 per day (9am-8pm) Book now
    • Tandem: €40 per day (9am-8pm) Book now
    • E-bikes: €40 per day x3 = €120 for the whole weekend. Book now
  • We do not have a cancellation policy

You are assured of your reserved bicycle(s) Keep an eye on the information and signage of the Dutch GP organization for the latest updates!