Sparta E-bike, electric bike

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Rent this Sparta E-bike, electric bike, 8 gears

The batteries of our electric bikes last for about 100 km.

Friday 1 May + Saturday 2 May + Sunday 3 May we use Formula package prices.
(The normal rental prices will expire this weekend)

For Formule 1 reservation clik here

If you book a bicycle for these dates via the normal reservation system, your reservation will be canceled immediately and your money will be refunded to you

rental daysprice
1 day€25,-
2 days€50,-
3 days€72,50
4 days€92,50
5 days€112,50
6 days€132,50
7 days€152,50

Special conditions for renting an E bike: you can only book through our website.
E bikes rented from age 18 years!
You pay directly.

Deposit conditions:
Option 1: A deposit of cash or credit card authorization of €150.00 per bicycle and leaving a valid passport or ID card per bike. We accept no copy of the passport or ID card.

Option 2: A deposit of cash or credit card authorization €750.00 by bicycle and leaving a copy of a valid passport or ID card by bike.

Renting multiple E-Bikes:
Yu can only make a reservation via our website. You pay directly.

A deposit of cash or credit card authorization €150.00 per bike in the shop. Everyone delivers his own passport or ID ( not a copy). This way, the contact is not responsible.

The deposit is for any damage. In case of theft the tenant remains liable and do we at all times reported to the police. For more info refer to our Terms and Conditions page. We ask for your understanding for these measures. Unfortunately we are miscellaneous times robbed of our E bikes, that is why we are passing on these conditions.

Also fot hire: a helmet, single pannier, double panniers and roadmaps.

How to book:
1 – Enter the number of days you want to rent.
2 – Give the starting date
3 – Give to the number of bikes that you want to rent .

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