Gazelle Cabby C7

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Gazelle Cabby C7

Carriercycle suitable for 4 (small) children.

Our carrier cycles are not suitable for removals.
Also, the transporting of an adult person in the carrier cycle is not possible.

The Gazelle Cabby C7 is lovely way to transport your childern! This bicycle is provided with a lot of room for the childern in front.

that does not mean it is hard to handle, the bicycle is optimized with their extra large tires and geometry.

The cabby also has a double kickstand, 7 gears, rollerbrakes.

The Gazelle Cabby C7 has a special attachment to add your Maxi Cosy.

rental daysprice
1 day€25,-
2 days€50,-
3 days€75,-
4 days€97,50
5 days€120,-
6 days€142,50
7 days€165,-

A map of Haarlem, Zandvoort area costs 1 euro.
Also for hire: a helmet, single pannier, double panniers.

How to book:
1 – Enter the number of days you want to rent.
2 – Give the starting date
3 – Give to the number of bikes that you want to rent .

Important information

All bicycles are equipped with an AXA lock and a padlock.

This is your price. With us no surprises regarding your rental price afterwards.

We are not a 24 hour rental company. You rent the bikes between 9:00 and 18:00.
If you want to rent until the next day, a half day price will be added.
You will return the bikes before 13:00 the next day. If you return after 13:00, you will be charged a full day price.

All of our bikes have luggage straps.

We always ask for a valid passport or ID card as a deposit for the bike(s). You can also choose for a copy of your passport/ID card and then leave €100,- per bike. This can be in cash or by creditcard/debitcard authorisation.

Click on the bike(s) and accesories that you would like to rent. Fill in the date and the amount of days if necessary. Then fill in your information. After this click on the shoppingcart to proceed to checkout.

After making the reservation you will recieve an ordernumber from us. Take this ordernumber with you to the store and show this at counter 2.

After your reservation has been confirmed by us and paid by you, it is guaranteed.
No refund can then be made of the rental amount.
Not even in case of illness.

Interim delivery of the bicycle (s) does the
lease terminate without being entitled to it
reduction of the contract mentioned in the contract or the
additional rent due to renewal exists.

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