Cycle route

How does the bicycle junction route work?


A bicycle junction is a numbered junction or crossroad in a regional routenetwork. In between these junctions are recreational roads that connect into a scenic cyclingroute. You can recognise these routes by the white and green signs with a circled number. By following these numbers you can ride from junction to junction untill you have finished the route. On the map in our store these routes are shown with the distance also mentioned. These routes usually use bicycle roads and roads that don’t have alot of traffic on them. At each junction there are informationpanels that inform you about the juntionnetwork you are on at that moment.

You can also see for more info on all routes you could possibly take.

fiets verkeersbordWatch out for these signs! This means you are riding on a dedicated bikingroad.

E BIKES OPLAADPUNT If you come across this sign, you are at an official charging station for your E-bike.