Cycle route National Park Zuid-Kennemerland

fietsroute nationaal park kennemer duinen

South Kennemerland National Park.

Located 20 minutes by bike. The route map to the National Park is available from us for 0.50 cents. You can also buy the booklet “with the Wind in your hair” from us. In this booklet you will find an extensive map of the entire National Park and all information and details. 23 pages for 3 euros. You support the National Park in this. At least a thousand hectares of enclosed nature reserve, a unique landscape with characteristic plant and animal species and where recreation can take place are some of the requirements for having this status. In addition, a national park focuses on the development of nature and the landscape, nature conservation, nature-oriented recreation, nature education, information and research. Zuid-Kennemerland National Park more than meets these requirements to be a national park! The National Park, nature managers and other stakeholders are working hard to preserve and strengthen the natural values ​​of this 3800 hectare area. The National Park is home to a unique dune landscape with special plants and animals. Moreover, it has a rich history. The visitor center and our hosts (recreation and catering entrepreneurs in and around the National Park) are happy to inform you about this. We proudly invite you to discover and enjoy the National Park by bike!
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