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Do you want to be sure of a bicycle? Then book!

After you have made a reservation, you will receive an order number from us. In the shop, you can use this to report to counter 2.

Pay attention! We do not have a cancellation policy. Reservations are therefore non-refundable. If you have made a reservation on the rental date yourself, it may happen that your desired reservation is no longer in stock during serious crowds. We can then offer you another alternative.

In case of earlier return of rented items, there will be no refund of the rent. With less rental numbers on the day itself, there will be no refund of the rent.

11,00 / day
25,00 / day
15,00 / day
25,00 / day
30,00 / day
Out of stock
20,00 / day
39,50 / day
25,00 / day


Rent double bag

3,50 / day
25,00 / day
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