A few rules for biking in the Netherlands

A few Rules
Stay on the right path: Use the biking lanes (referred by a blue sign with a white bike on it) or roads and stay on the right side of the road. The roads you can bike on are indicated by the red part on the right side of the road and are seperated by white striped lines (there are also big bike symbols on these parts of the road). Don’t bike on the sidewalk, in the shopping streets or on the highways.
Watch out! Parking spaces for the bikes: You have to step off the bike and walk in front of the train station and in the shopping streets. Near the station square it is important that you park the bike in the special designed bike racks. If you do not park the bike in the designed racks, the authorities will take it away. So don’t park your bike on the sidewalk or on the road. The authorities check for several kinds of issues caused by bikes: not in the bike racks, parked bikes in a no-parking zone and dangerously parked bikes. If the bike does get taken away for any of these reasons you will be fined.
Make sure you lock the bike properly: The bikes we rent out have 2 locks: a chain lock and a wheel lock. Always lock the bike to something that is stuck to the ground with the chain lock provided. It is preferred that you lock it to a bike rack along with the wheel lock on the bike.
Don’t obstruct traffic: Don’t suddenly stop or turn while biking. Make sure to let the other people around you know what you plan on doing – stick out your hand to which way you want to turn and try to make eyecontact to make sure people see you.